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Navigating the Storm: Jewish Values and the Rise of Antisemitism

Navigating the Storm: Jewish Values and the Rise of Antisemitism

With an alarming resurgence of antisemitism, the Jewish community needs to rely on its rich history of values for guidance and strength. In this challenging time, when hatred seems to be on the rise, Jewish values are taking center stage. 

At ShalomLearning, we are proud to offer a Jewish values-based curriculum that teaches young students to connect with their Jewish heritage. Now is the time to elevate the value of Achrayut, doing what you can to make the world a better place. We are proud of how ShalomLearning uses hands-on, relevant activities to help students understand the importance of Achrayut in today’s modern world. 

Antisemitism and Jewish Values

Antisemitism has persisted throughout history. However, the recent surge in global incidents has sparked a need for the Jewish community to respond. From acts of violence to discriminatory rhetoric, we are fighting deeply rooted prejudices. 

Turning to Jewish values to guide us in our personal and communal lives is comforting and offers a roadmap for response. Our values provide a moral compass, fostering a sense of identity and purpose. In the face of antisemitism, values like “Tikkun Olam” (repairing the world) and “Tzedakah” (charity) remind our community of its commitment to making the world a better place for all. Teaching Achrayut in the Face of Antisemitism

Achrayut translates to “responsibility” or “accountability.” This value not only obliges us to take action for ourselves, but also for our broader community. With antisemitism rising, Achrayut urges us to actively engage in efforts to combat prejudice, promote understanding, and work towards a more inclusive society.

In the ShalomLearning curriculum, we leverage 7 core values, including Achrayut, to teach our students the importance of: 

  1. Jewish history and culture: By building awareness we can dispel stereotypes and encourage open conversations on the impact of antisemitism.
  2. Community Engagement: Our curriculum builds and strengthens communities so we can face discrimination together, celebrate diversity, and promote interfaith dialogue.
  3. Advocacy:  We empower individuals to speak out against antisemitism in all forms and collaborate with organizations working towards eradicating hate and discrimination.
  4. Inclusivity: We encourage acts of kindness and support to foster a sense of belonging and  inclusivity.

The resilience of the Jewish people has always been a testament to the enduring power of our values. Achrayut, with its emphasis on responsibility and action, can help the Jewish community navigate the challenges posed by rising antisemitism. 

ShalomLearning instills this value to future generations, so we can continue our efforts to free the world from prejudice and hatred. In the face of darkness, the light of Jewish values continues to shine, guiding the way towards a brighter and more compassionate future.

A Modern Program for Modern Times

In addition to our Jewish values program, ShalomLearning also offers Hebrew curricula and ongoing support and professional development for Jewish educators. To learn more, contact us.