Author: Sarah Sicherman

Meet Online-Only Educator, Rachel Besser

Meet Online-Only Educator, Rachel Besser

Rachel Besser teaches Bible and Jewish thought to post-high school students studying during their gap year.  Before moving to Israel this year, Rachel taught Tanach and philosophy at The Frisch School where she also served as department chair and a member of the guidance team.  A graduate of Yeshiva University, Rachel received her MA from Hunter college in English literature.  Besides her love of teaching, Rachel also enjoys creative writing and editing. Rachel lives with her husband Donny and their five children in Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Why do you like teaching for ShalomLearning?
I love being part of ShalomLearning’s innovative team. It’s amazing to connect with students all over the world to share ShalomLearning’s curriculum and insightful way of presenting Jewish values. Of course the main thing I like about ShalomLearning is the students! I have been privileged to meet thoughtful and intelligent young men and women and delve with them into Jewish texts and ideas.

What has been your favorite teaching moment this year?
During one of my classes, a student shared something difficult that he was going through in his personal life. Immediately all the other students in the class began sharing their own stories and words of encouragement. It was amazing to see them connect and be able to support each other even through a digital medium.

ShalomLearning at the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs Convention

We were honored when the Federation of Jewish Men’s Club (FJMC) asked us to present about Jewish adult education at their International Convention in Miami Florida this past July. The FJMC International Convention provides community leaders with the necessary tools to more effectively respond to the individual, family, community and Movement challenges that we face. More than that, it’s a warm and welcoming environment. We encourage all to get involved at their local synagogue.

Debi Himelfarb, our Director of Operations, spoke to the Jewish leaders from around the world about using the ShalomLearning platform to increase engagement at synagogues. The program includes training a member of the congregation to teach small groups of adults Hebrew in an online classroom. By allowing congregants to get involved from the comfort of their own home, synagogues can use the ShalomLearning program to create new kehilot and build engagement.

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