Virtual Escape Room FAQs

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How many rooms are there?

There is a warm-up week that provides players with an introduction to the game. There four additional rooms that each have three corresponding challenges.

How long does it take to escape?

It varies based on the skill of the player.

Warm Up Week: 30 minutes to crack the code and 30 minutes to complete the challenges

Each of the other four rooms: One hour to crack the code and one hour to complete the three challenges

What's the difference between "cracking the code" and "challenges"?

“Cracking the code” means finding the clues in the room.

“Challenges” are activities such as building an instrument out of household supplies or writing a poem inspired by Psalm 150. The ShalomLearning team needs to approve submissions before it can marked as complete.

Teams will need to crack the code and complete the three challenges to move onto the next room.

What will players learn?

Each room has a different theme related to Jewish music. Students will explore Israeli dance, Jewish music, tefillot, psalms, trope, and so much more.

What ages should play? Can younger students play?

The game was designed for players 9-12 but is fun for all ages.  Younger players can definitely play, but they will need more assistance from an adult. You can also pair younger students with teens.

How much time do I have to complete the game?

The game starts Oct 28, but you don’t have to start then.  We will keep the rooms open until April 1, 2020.

Is there a prize?

ShalomLearning is not offering a prize; however, if you’re playing at your school, check with the administration to see if the school is offering a prize.

What happens if I get stuck and can’t escape?

We want to keep it fun, so we didn’t make it too easy. But we also don’t anyone getting too frustrated.  It’s a fine balance!  

Use the magnifying glass in each room for clues. We will also provide the adult (parent/teacher) a document with additional information to guide the player(s). You can also contact us at any point to get help.

Can I have more than three people on a team?

Yes. You can have as many people as you want on a team. You will need to be mindful to make sure everyone feels included since all the team members will be sharing a single login.

Do I need access to wifi in my classroom?

Yes, if you are playing in a classroom.  This is an online game.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost is is $25/team.  If you’re going to set up several teams at your school, contact us to find out about discounts.