Attend Online Hebrew School,
Wherever You Are!

ShalomLearning offers an online hebrew school program directly to families and individuals, 
providing students and families with opportunities to connect with their Jewish peers, learn about their heritage, and build a positive Jewish identity. We blend the best aspects of traditional classroom education with interactive and secure online activities to make Jewish education more engaging, accessible, and fun.

Experience ShalomLearning Online

  • Taught by experienced teachers.
  • Limited to 10 students to increase peer bonding and personalized attention.
  • Meets weekly in a private, secure video classroom where students see, hear and interact with each other.
  • Makes learning materials easy to access any time, anywhere.
  • Perfect for those with geographical or scheduling constraints.

NEW! In addition to our Judaic group lessons, we will be offering small group Hebrew classes. If you are looking for an extra boost on Hebrew reading for your child, this class is for you!* If you have any questions, please email info@shalomlearning.org.

Ready to enroll? Click here to enroll your 3rd – 8th grader today!

Don’t forget to check out our Hebrew app too! Prayer Player can be found in the iTunes store.

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