Frequently Asked Questions About ShalomLearning

What is ShalomLearning?

ShalomLearning offers education programs for 3rd-8th grade used by hundreds of students in partner synagogues across North America and by families around the world. Our program uses technology to make learning Hebrew and Judaics not only more flexible, but also more fun.


Does ShalomLearning teach prayers or conversational Hebrew?

Currently our Hebrew program focuses on learning how to read Hebrew and practicing prayers.   We are looking at adding conversational Hebrew program in the next year.

We also offer 1:1 Hebrew tutoring for more individualized learning which can include conversational Hebrew in addition to Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation. You can sign up for tutoring at www.shalomlearning.org/enroll


My child has had no Jewish education in the past, will he or she be behind?

Nope! Our signature values based curriculum is really about meeting students where they are in their lives. They will learn how their Jewish values impact their behavior in the world. There is no previous knowledge necessary to start our classes.

No Hebrew knowledge is required to get started with ShalomLearning. Whether learning conversational Hebrew or prayers, our Hebrew program is designed to let students begin and advance at an individual pace.


Will my synagogue accept ShalomLearning as a prerequisite for bar/bat mitzvah?

Synagogues that offer ShalomLearning as an option for religious school universally accept the program as a prerequisite for bar/bat mitzvah. Requirements for bar/bat mitzvah vary for other synagogues, so please check with them about their specific policies.


Will ShalomLearning prepare my child for becoming a bar/bat mitzvah?

Our 3rd-6th grade classes at ShalomLearning provide a well-rounded foundation of Jewish and Hebrew education, which is an important step for becoming a bar/bat mitzvah, but it is not a replacement for bar mitzvah tutoring.  For tutoring specific to bar/bat mitzvah, please sign up for 1:1 Hebrew tutoring in addition to the online classes: www.shalomlearning.org/enroll


What is the time commitment for my family?

ShalomLearning is focused more on identity formation than on a rigid number of classroom hours. The total time commitment will vary from student to student, but the school year is generally divided into 4-week units focused on specific concepts and values in Jewish education. Each month, students attend classroom sessions, participate in instructor-led online group discussions, engage in family havurah activities, and log into MyShalomLearning.com to complete independent online assignments. Instructors monitor their performance using our online tracking tools, and send email reminders and updates to students and parents to ensure that students keep pace with the program.  ShalomLearning Online classes meet for 1 hour each week.


Is ShalomLearning affiliated with a particular denomination?

ShalomLearning is not affiliated with a particular religious movement or denomination. Each ShalomLearning program is customized based on the sponsor synagogue and/or needs of the community.


What does it cost?

For synagogues and other Jewish organizations, costs vary based on your needs. We try to keep our fees as minimal as possible to make our program as accessible to as many communities as possible.

Our ShalomLearning Online classes are $500 for an academic year (September – May).  Money should never be a barrier to a great Jewish education, need based scholarships are available as well as scholarships for military families. We also offer 30-minute 1:1 Hebrew tutoring for $250 for 15 sessions.

Please email us or call 301-660-3800 to find out more.

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