Our Impact

In the past academic year, ShalomLearning once again outperformed all of our goals: delivered quality Jewish education to over 4,000 students, trained over 400 educators, and strengthened partnerships with 80 congregations.

Over 400 teachers are now trained on our Learning Management System (ShalomLearning’s online portal) and are participating in our vibrant communities of practice. We estimate that this year’s enrollment will be 5,000 students and counting!

The stage is set for significant expansion. We are focused on scaling up our operations to achieve the following goals by 2020:


Offer a world class Jewish education to more than 10,000 students.


Train and support 1,000 exceptional Jewish educators bolstering their capacities to deliver exciting innovations in Jewish education technology and share best practices and resources

Expand synagogue partners from 15 (in 2014) to 200

Tackle affordability head-on by driving the overall annual cost per student down 95%