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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShalomLearning Online?

ShalomLearning Online provides your child a well-rounded Jewish education every week. Your child will log into a secure, virtual online classroom where the teacher, together with every student, can see, hear and interact with one another.

What will my child learn?

Your child will learn about Jewish traditions, values, history, and culture. Our values-based curriculum incorporates projects, stories, videos, and activities related to the holidays, Torah stories, Israel, and other aspects of Jewish life. Access to self-paced online tools for reading Hebrew and learning prayers are also included in the program.

How much Hebrew will my child learn?

ShalomLearning’s Online Hebrew classes are designed for native English speakers in grades 3-8. Students are given the opportunity to learn Hebrew letters, vowels, and how to assemble the two for reading and pronunciation. Prayers are taught through melodies in each class. Students can practice their letters and prayers through interactive online activities in ShalomLearning’s online platform. Students can also access ShalomLearning’s iPad App, Prayer Player, for additional prayer practice.

My child has never participated in a Hebrew school program before. Is that OK?

The ShalomLearning program is based on a pluralistic curriculum designed to welcome learners from all levels and backgrounds.  With class sizes of 11 students or less, our teachers really get to know the students and can tailor the lessons based on their interests and knowledge of the materials.

How does this program prepare my child to become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?

ShalomLearning provides a well-rounded foundation of Jewish and Hebrew education which is an important step for becoming a bar/bat mitzvah.  Our Hebrew education includes learning how to recognize Hebrew letters and sounds as well as Hebrew prayers, but it is not a replacement for bar/bat mitzvah tutoring.

Who will be in my child’s class?

Your child will be in class with a ShalomLearning teacher and up to 10 other Jewish students who could be located next door or across the globe. We group the classes by student age, and try to keep students together for each progressive year, as schedules allow.

What do I need to get started?

All you need is a computer with sufficient Internet access (see tech requirements), a webcam and headphones with a microphone.  The next step is to enroll in a class that meets your schedule at

What if I don’t see a class time that meets my schedule or I have more questions?

If you need class at a certain time or have a question that hasn’t been answered here, don’t hesitate to give us a call (301) 660-3800 or send us an email at   We are happy to help you.

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