Quote MarkShalomLearning's virtual classrooms add a New World feel to an Old World subject. The students look forward to virtual classroom weeks all month long. ShalomLearning has gone above and beyond creating a rich and in-depth curriculum that allows teachers to make choices about activities in order to fit with each group's needs and interests.
Samantha Azatova
ShalomLearning Teacher, Washington, DC
Quote MarkAs experienced educators and entrepreneurs in online education, my wife and I have seen many online teaching products that are not engaging to adults, let alone children.  But that is not the case with ShalomLearning.  We are exceptionally pleased with our daughter’s experience in your online 5th grade class.  In addition to attending a traditional program at our synagogue, she voluntarily supplements her Hebrew School learning with your online, real time class, every week.  She looks forward to each class – she loves the content, the teacher and her online classmates.  We are very impressed with your curriculum and with your blended technology model.  Thank you for bringing Hebrew School into the 21st century and for making learning so exciting and enjoyable for our daughter.
Rob Cohen
COO of 2U Inc.
Quote MarkWhen we saw ShalomLearning's innovative model for blended learning, we wondered why we ever attempted to to do it on our own.
Rabbi Melissa Buyer
Temple Israel, NYC