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A Message from Executive Director, Joshua Troderman

Dear ShalomLearning friends and families,

The spirit of Teshuvah is all about starting over and focusing on the things that matter. And since revising our strategic plan in 2015, we have experienced a wonderful new beginning for ShalomLearning.

Thanks to a generous grant from The William and Audrey Farber Family Foundation, I am happy to announce that we have met the $500,000 matching challenge grant from the William Davidson Foundation for 2015.

But we cannot rest on our Laurels there. As Rabbi Tarfon said In Pirkei Avot: “The day is short and the task is great…” The Farber family is joining forces with the Davidsons and wonderfully raising the bar by doubling the Davidson matching challenge in 2016 and 2017. Moving forward it is now officially “a double matching challenge.” Every dollar raised up to $500,000 in 2016 and 2017 respectively, will mean three dollars raised for Jewish education. What an amazing partnership with two visionary families.

It is rare to see the impact of any innovation happen so quickly and that is exactly what we are witnessing here at ShalomLearning. Thanks to the herculean efforts of my fantastic staff and the incredibly talented and committed Jewish educators in the ShalomLearning family, we have gone from 300 to 600 students, and from 15 to 50 teachers. These are the central outcome numbers from our plan and next year, our target is to double once again to 1200 students. It is going to take a lot of work, but I know that we can get there.

We are all students in life. And in the spirit of sharing the experience from “the other” (I Thou) perspective, ShalomLearning will be beginning a series of blogs from different stakeholders’ perspectives. Coincidentally, I am also a Shalomlearning parent, so this month, am beginning a blog called “Notes from a 21st Century Jewish Dad.” I hope that you like it. Please feel free to send us your stories and testimonials on how ShalomLearning is touching your life. We want to hear from you.

Joshua Troderman