Rob Cohen

As experienced educators and entrepreneurs in online education, my wife and I have seen many online teaching products that are not engaging to adults, let alone children.  But that is not the case with ShalomLearning.  We are exceptionally pleased with our daughter’s experience in your online 5th grade class.  In addition to attending a traditional program at our synagogue, she voluntarily supplements her Hebrew School learning with your online, real time class, every week.  She looks forward to each class – she loves the content, the teacher and her online classmates.  We are very impressed with your curriculum and with your blended technology model.  Thank you for bringing Hebrew School into the 21st century and for making learning so exciting and enjoyable for our daughter.

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About Debi Himelfarb

Debi is a PMP certified business professional with expertise in identifying, creating, and building client relations. Prior to joining ShalomLearning, she was a proven leader for nearly a decade at Blackboard, the software company that pioneered the creation of web based eLearning software platforms powering networked learning environments. Her responsibilities included overseeing technical support teams and creating new client programs. A graduate of Rutgers College, Debi studied for a year at The Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Debi, her husband, and two sons live in Rockville, Maryland.