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Coronavirus Response – Keep Learning Going During Hebrew School Closures

In response to the coronavirus threat, ShalomLearning wants to help Jewish families over the summer.  Therefore, we are offering Jewish educators:

Free access to “The Tribe” Judaic curriculum designed to engage the family in Jewish learning together and/or with other families at homes. Click here to access the The Tribe materials.

Living Jewish Values. This program creates an additional opportunity for families to “check-in” for virtual, intergenerational values exploration and storytelling visits regularly with grandparents or any loved one(s) who may be feeling isolated.

Virtual Classes: Connect and Engage Your Students In Real-Time From Anywhere. 

Many Jewish religious schools have been contacting us as they consider virtual classes. Are your teachers ready? Will your curriculum work well in this medium?

ShalomLearning sites have been using the virtual classroom tool since 2011. Thanks to technology and training, your students can learn together from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Watch our video (above) of our recent webinar.

Contact us if you need a great Hebrew & Judaic curriculum to use in this setting!


Virtual and Self-Paced Learning: Learn To Read Hebrew and Tefillot Online

This program includes:

  • Lessons for your teacher to use in a virtual classroom and/or
  • Online student access to our secure portal to complete online activities to reinforce class learning or to move ahead.
  • Teacher email notification to review recently completed student activities.

Watch this video to learn more how ShalomLearning uses Torah Aura materials to make learning to read Hebrew and tefillot more engaging for today’s religious school student.

Contact us to take advantage of these offers.