ShalomLearning - Our Educational Approach

Our Mission

ShalomLearning aims to meet the evolving educational needs of today’s Jewish community in a way that is engaging, relevant, affordable, and accessible. We strive to instill a love of lifelong learning and to create an environment in which students, teachers, parents, and the community experiences Jewish values as a meaningful way to navigate the world.


ShalomLearning was founded in 2011 to create an innovative religious school program. We offer online, in-person, and blended learning programs for supplementary Jewish education for K–7th grades, as well as professional development opportunities for educators.

We currently partner with 260 religious schools to make Jewish education and learning Hebrew more engaging and relevant for their students. Our program is flexible to allow for in-person, virtual, and/or self paced learning depending on your needs.

“If felt like ShalomLearning fell from the sky into our laps. It’s wonderful having a partner who understands our field -the challenges and resistance. The commitment to excellence and accessibility is inspiring.”

– Cathy Gordon, Education Director, Wilshire Blvd Synagogue

5 Things to Know About ShalomLearning

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