Shalom LinkED Online Learning

Flexible Online Classes Expand your Religious School

Today’s busy families often have scheduling conflicts with religious school. Shalom LinkED’s online classroom options make Jewish values education accessible for more students.

We Provide the Teachers and Materials. You Send the Students.

For congregations that struggle to find teachers or have too few students for grade-based classrooms, Shalom LinkED provides a great alternative for students in Grades 1-6 to learn Jewish values and build relationships with Jewish peers. Send one student or a whole class. 

Why Shalom LinkED?


With more choices, families can easily make religious school and other activities fit into busy schedules


Live peer interaction, engaging activities for today’s youth, and passionate teachers fuel vibrant classrooms


Small group sessions with the same classmates foster connections, build Jewish pride, and create unity

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How Does It Work?

Curriculum Values

LinkED teachers use the same engaging, relevant ShalomLearning values curriculum, which leverages movement, video, gamification, and music to connect with today’s youth.


Taking accountability for
your actions

B'Tzelem Elohim

Honoring the image of God
in ourselves and others


Using one's inner strength
to do what is right


Doing what you can to make
the world a better place

Hakarat Hatov

heart icon representing value hakarat

Seeking joy and
being grateful

Koach Hadibbur

speech bubbles icon representing value koach

Understanding the
power of words


dove with olive branch icon representing value shalom

Helping create a calmer,
more peaceful world

“Scheduling conflicts are real for a lot of families. They can’t go to Shul on Saturday because they have soccer, but they could go on a Tuesday night. My daughter participates in ShalomLearning’s online LinkED classes from a parking lot while her brother is in Scouts. It’s great to have that option for our busy life.”
Leise Rosman
the Religious School Chair, Congregation Achduth Vesholom
Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Shalom LinkED provides online Jewish education for students in Grades 1-6. For families with busy schedules or long drives to the synagogue and congregations that find it difficult to find teachers, LinkED is the perfect way to expand access to Jewish education.

ShalomLearning has developed modern, relevant, engaging Jewish Values curriculum that incorporates movement, video, gamification, and music to create meaningful Jewish experiences for today’s youth. Our online instructors have a passion for Judiasm and expertise with online education. All students join the same class for every lesson, enabling teachers and students to build relationships and community within the online classroom.

Any student in Grades 1 – 6 during the 2024-25 academic year can join LinkED. Online religious school is a great fit for students that:

  • Have frequent scheduling conflicts with in-person religious school, including sports, music, art, Scouts, etc.
  • Live too far from the congregation to make in-person religious school practical 
  • Belong to a small congregation that has only a few students per grade and want to connect with more Jewish students
  • Have health concerns that make in-person school unfeasible 
  • Learn better on-line than in-person

LinkED enables leaders to have more time to focus on relationships while delivering one of the services families want most – strong Jewish values education for their children.  

ShalomLearning also provides supplemental materials that congregations can use to create  in-person family education programs and holiday celebrations that engage families beyond the classroom. Teachers send emails to parents after each lesson, keeping them informed of what their kids are learning. Additional adult education is also available.

ShalomLearning will hire, train and supervise LinkED teachers for all classes to provide consistency and community for each class. Teachers will be trained to use the ShalomLearning curriculum and maximize online engagement.

We also train teachers to provide an inclusive, compassionate, and positive environment. If students have special learning needs or disabilities, families should contact teachers directly for accommodations.  

If you have teachers interested in teaching online, they can apply here. Preference will be given to teachers who are familiar with the ShalomLearning curriculum.

An overview of the Grade 1-2 is available here.  An overview of The Grade 3-7 curriculum is available here. Because the classes are multi-age, the 2024-2025 year will use content for grades 2, 4, and 6.

Shalom LinkED schools can access the Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side program at no cost for LinkED students and at a discounted rate for additional students. This is a self-paced 1:1 curriculum option that requires a teacher or mentor. ShalomLearning can provide a teacher to offer feedback on submitted assignments or your teachers can have access to all the materials to work with the learners.  Shalom LinkED may offer online small group classrooms for Hebrew decoding in the future.

All classes meet synchronously with a live teacher. Each student can choose the time slot that works best for them.  1st /2nd grade classes are 45 minutes and all other grades are 1 hour. Classes begin the week of September 15, 2024, and will meet 2-3 times monthly through the week of May 5, 2025.

3 /4,  5/6Sundays10:00 am9:00 am8:00 am7:00 am
1 / 2, 3 /4, 5 /6SundaysNoon11:00 am10:00am9:00 am
3 /4,  5/6Thursdays6:30 pm5:30 pm4:30 pm3:30pm
3 /4,  5/6Thursdays8:00 pm 7:00 pm6:00 pm5:00 pm

Click here for the 2024-2025 School Year Calendar

All classes will be recorded and available to watch within 7 days of the missed class. Each family will sign a recording waiver prior to the start of the program.

The full program of Jewish Values classes costs $625 USD per student and includes 18 sessions with a maximum of 14 students per class. Fees include all materials and teaching, but students will need a computer with internet access, a camera, and headphones.

Congregations will promote Shalom Learning LinkED to eligible families using marketing materials provided by ShalomLearning.  Registration will be open May- August 5, 2024.  Classes begin the week of September 15, 2024

  1. Students register directly with the congregation, choose a class time, and pay fees directly to the congregation 
  2. An educational leader registers each student for Shalom LinkED so ShalomLearning has contact information for each student and family
  3. ShalomLearning will bill the congregation $625 per student registered.  

After August 5, students may join the program or switch sections as space allows. The full price will apply even if students register after classes start. 

If LinkED is not a good fit, registered students can withdraw before the third week of sessions for a full refund. For any withdrawal between the third week and fifth week of the program, families will be responsible for 50% of the tuition. After the start of the fifth week of sessions, no refunds will be issued.

Shalom LinkED Registration 2024-2025 – CLICK HERE

We strive to make ShalomLinkED as affordable as possible while providing excellent materials and teachers. Religious school fees vary widely and usually do not cover the congregation’s costs. We recommend congregations charge families the same amount for in-person classes and Shalom LinkED.
If your in-person fee is less than the Shalom LinkED fee, you can consider increasing your fees or ensure you have funding from other areas to cover the shortfall and your time invested in all education programs.

We ask that congregations participate in ongoing feedback and maintain communication with LinkED teachers, families, and students, including reviewing attendance records and any concerns raised by teachers.

Families not affiliated with a congregation can sign up directly with ShalomLearning. All affiliated families must register through their congregation. For more information and a registration link please contact Miri Volchegorsky, Program Manager at [email protected]

Have More Questions?

We are happy to help answer any questions you have about Shalom LinkED.

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