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ShalomLearning’s curriculum is designed to support educators, families, and communities. We understand that Jewish educators and synagogues have limited resources to create and update comprehensive teaching materials that truly engage today’s youth. That’s why we do it for you.

We make it easy for Jewish educators to connect with students in a meaningful way regardless of how the content is taught – self-paced, onsite or online.

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Every subscription offers teachers and students access to a variety of learning materials.

Lesson Plans

Slide Presentations

Hands-on Activities

Discussion Questions

Stories, Videos & Song

Teacher Training

Subscription Options

We have flexible pricing options based on the needs of your school. You can purchase unlimited access to all curriculum and materials, Jewish values curriculum only, or a Hebrew curriculum only. Our mission is to keep pricing affordable and accessible for everyone.

Contact us to see what option is right for you and get a quote.

Jewish Values

We offer a comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum for Grades K-7.

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Hebrew Programs

We offer three different Hebrew programs to meet the different needs of every learner.

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Our Impact

Reduced Teacher Prep Time

Teachers can focus on connecting with students rather than building lessons plans and creating content.

Expanded Enrollment

Digital content and hybrid options reduce scheduling conflicts and increase learning opportunities.

Increased Student Engagement

Our curriculum is infused with technology designed for the way today’s modern youth know how to learn.

"I appreciate working with ShalomLearning’s constant search for feedback to revise and improve their materials. That ability to be reflective is such an important tool in education."
Adas Israel Congregation
Washington, DC

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Download sample lesson plans, presentations, and curricula overviews.

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