ShalomLearning's Impact

In this academic year, ShalomLearning is once again outperforming all of our goals: delivering quality Jewish education to 7,800 enrolled students through over 1000 trained educators*, and partnering with 154 congregations.

*1000+ teachers across North America sign in to our Learning Management System (ShalomLearning’s online portal) and are participating in our vibrant communities of practice.

The stage is set for significant expansion. We are focused on scaling up our operations to achieve the following goals by 2021:


Offer a world class Jewish education to more than 10,000 students.


Train and support 1,400 exceptional Jewish educators bolstering their capacities to deliver exciting innovations in Jewish education technology and share best practices and resources

Expand synagogue partners from 154 (in 2020) to 200 (in 2021)

Tackle affordability head-on by driving the overall annual cost per student down 95%

Our Supporters

Building the Future of Jewish Education

Philanthropic Revenue and Innovation Capital

We are so grateful to all of our donors who make this holy work possible.

Angels ($1,000,000+)

Founders ($200,000 – $999,999)

Stacy and Andrew Rosen
Devin and Sarah Schain
Terrie and Bradley Bloom Family Foundation

Leaders ($50,000 – $199,999)

Mark Levitt
Fred Schaufeld
Diane Troderman

Scholars ($5,000 – $49,999)

Larry and Rachel Chafetz
The Mazal Fund
Marshall Gobuty
Karen and Chris Segal

Friends of ShalomLearning

Adam Bernstein
Amanda Littman
Andrew & Stacy Rosen
Anne & Yehuda Neuberger
Anonymous 1
Anonymous 2
Anonymous 3
Barry Bornstein
Bram Frankel
Bonnie Leiberman
Carolyn Meckler
Cathy Salaman
Charlie Sherman
Chris & Karen Segal
Dana & Steven Marlowe
David Yellin
Debi & Evan Himelfarb
Devin & Sarah Schain
Diane Troderman
Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies
Erica Reder
Fred Schaufeld
Fred Claar
Gabriel Reder
Gary Littman
Glickfield Family Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Charitable Foundation

Hilary & David Silver
Irwin Chafetz Family Charitable Trust
Jason Brzoska
Jeffrey Grinspoon & Jon Foley
Jeffrey Wolfe
Jennifer Byrne
Jessica Moszkowicz
Jodi Blecker
Joshua & Debra Troderman
Judy & Steven Baruch
Julia Reder
Larry & Rachel Chafetz
Leo M. Bernstein Family Foundation
Leslie and Dean Cohen
Liana Mitman
Linda & Michael Freize
Lisa Arber
Lorin Troderman
Lorraine & Jack Friedman CJE of the Palm Beaches
Lorraine Sherman
Lou Cove
Louis & Alissa Okrent
Mark Levitt
Marshall Gobuty
Martin & Doris Payson
Martin B. Hoffman

Max & Rebecca Rochkind Family Foundation
Michael Bohnen
Michael Feinstein
Michael Nadel
Michele Rosenfeld
Moshe Reder
Neal Glickfield
Partnership for Effective Learning and Innovative (PELIE)
Peter Gyenes
Rebecca Wood
Robert & Michelle Leven
Ronit Y. Levy
Sarah Steinberg
Sarah & Jon Sicherman
Sheldon & Jenny Lehman
Stefanie Pessis Weill
Steve Harris
Steven & Shira Abraham
Susan & Cary Benjamin
Susan & Lewis Schoenberg
Terrie & Bradley Bloom Family Foundation
The New Kalman Sunshine Fund
The Scherr Family Foundation
Vicki E. Fishman
William Passer
Zev Lanton

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