Curriculum for Jewish Educators

Curriculum That Fits You

Our program is completely flexible to meet the needs of your community. We offer a curriculum based on Jewish values, as well as two different Hebrew program options. All of our curricula include easily modified lesson plans with activities, discussion questions, a PowerPoint presentation, and resources such as texts, stories, videos, and songs. Our Hebrew programs include activities such as listening, recording, and other games for student to practice online.

Program Overview

The ShalomLearning platform was developed by a team of online education entrepreneurs in concert with Jewish and secular educators and curriculum developers. Whether you’re looking for a turn-key Jewish education program for your community, or to supplement your existing one, the ShalomLearning team can help you design the right solution. The model incorporates:

  • First-in-class, dynamic, smart resources. Videos, short stories, and action-based projects keep lessons alive, fun and relevant.
  • Expertly curated and newly created material. Our curriculum provides a range of content, from Jewish culture and history, Hebrew language, and more. Each of these units offer tiered lessons, with each age group approaching the subject from a different perspective.
  • Built-in support for educators. We provide live sessions with our curriculum specialists and ongoing support.
  • A flexible mix of face-to-face encounters, individualized study and synchronous online classes. The structure is easily customized so that Hebrew schools, synagogues or home-schooling parents can adapt it to their unique needs, substituting online time for real classroom time or vice versa, adding or deleting content based on age or interests, and more.

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