Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ShalomLearning program include?

ShalomLearning offers a blended learning program for Judaic and Hebrew studies.

  • Judaic: A pluralistic, values-based curriculum integrated with digital resources (videos, articles, websites, etc.) as well as flipped classroom content (discussion boards, videos, quizzes, etc).
  • Hebrew: An interactive program for learning and practicing Hebrew reading and prayers through quizzes, videos and a recording feature – as well as access to Prayer Player, ShalomLearnin’s app for iPads.
  • Ability for teachers to instantaneously track student progress and provide feedback through our online Learning Management System.
  • A virtual classroom platform for live, synchronous classes with your teacher and fellow students.
  • Ongoing lesson plan and curricular support for teachers, families and students (including live, technical support for the virtual classes).

Are there other options that ShalomLearning offers?

Yes! A community can purchase our Judaic or Hebrew curricula only. Lesson plans and slideshows are also included.

Why does the curriculum focus on Jewish values?

ShalomLearning is built on the principle of creating relevancy between a student’s secular life and Jewish tradition. By using a Jewish values-based curriculum, students acquire important tools and learning skills that provide them with the ability to find relevancy in their life experience today. Rather than being a linear, content focused curriculum, ShalomLearning has a modern, integrated, and holistic approach that is appealing to 21st century learners.

What is the best way to implement the curriculum?

The ShalomLearning curriculum (Hebrew and Judaics) is designed to be taught in either a one OR two-day-a-week program.  To truly be successful with Hebrew decoding and tefillot, we suggest a two-day-a-week program.

Can we customize the ShalomLearning curriculum?

Yes! We provide all you need for a complete class, but synagogues can also add their own resources and materials that are specific to their communities.

How much training will our teachers receive?

ShalomLearning educators are invited to attend our annual Summer Training Retreat to learn the features of our program. In addition, teachers receive a series of trainings on technology implementation, skills and testing. They learn about the philosophy of the ShalomLearning curriculum and how to use it. The self-paced training uses flipped classroom techniques as well as virtual classrooms allowing teachers to engage with colleagues around the globe.

Teachers also have access to an online portal designed just for them. This portal includes quick-start guides on how to take ownership of the ShalomLearning platform and how to use the community forums for teacher-to-teacher support.

What type of support do you provide?

We have live technical support available for families, teachers and students during all live classes (including Sundays) and during business hours Monday – Friday.

We also provide curricular support and guidance for teachers as needed.