Let’s Learn Hebrew

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side teaches students how to decode Hebrew and is based on the research of Dr. Lifsa Schachter, Professor Emerita of the former Laura and Alvin Siegal College of Judaic Studies. The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland partnered with ShalomLearning to update and offer this program.

Your digital natives will learn to read Hebrew in a technology-rich interactive online learning environment, reinforced by self-paced activities.

This program is part of the #OnwardHebrew movement which is an effort to transform Hebrew language learning to successful sound-to-print progression. Click here to find out more about #OnwardHebrew.

What Makes Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-By-Side Unique?

Let’s Learn Hebrew Side-by-Side is carefully constructed to acknowledge the nuances of Hebrew orthography that make it more difficult to learn. Therefore, the program:

  • Consistently uses Jewish-cultural vocabulary as the basis for learning new letters and vowel signs.
  • Uses explanatory language with many opportunities for reinforcement so students “get” the nuances of Hebrew decoding.
  • Takes decoding out of a classroom setting, and creates a one-on-one learning situation. Each student
    • repeatedly practices aloud which prevents hiding behind others or not enough opportunities to practice in a larger class. 
    • hears instant reinforcement for correct or incorrect decoding.
    • enjoys the benefits of building a relationship with a “cool” teen assistant, or an interested (and interesting!) adult.
  • Blends online learning with hands-on reinforcement.

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