Torah Aura

ShalomLearning partnered with Torah Aura to digitize the Tiyulim and Pirkei Tefillah materials into interactive lessons for the in-person or virtual classroom. Each lesson is a set of slides that can be used individually with students or in larger groups; in a virtual or in-person setting. There are also online enrichment activities students can complete anytime, anywhere.

The Learn To Read curriculum consists of 24 lessons introducing each letter and the vowels.

The program includes:

  • Lesson plans with games and other activities for in-person instruction. Click here for a sample lesson plan.
  • Tefillah-based and conversational Hebrew vocabulary words
  • Total Physical Response (TPR) activities to encourage movement
  • Activities and virtual tours of different Israeli locations

The Tefillot (prayers) teaches the general and literal meaning of 27 prayers. Students learn ways to connect to the prayer, read and chant it, and understand the shoresh (root) of keyword(s) within the prayer. There are video introductions and stories for each prayer.

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