Jewish Values Based Curriculum

Values-Based Judaic Curriculum

Our interactive, values-based curriculum helps children develop a positive Jewish identity. The pluralistic curriculum is based on values we all share, like “Using your inner strength to do what’s right” and “Taking responsibility for your actions.” We curate resources from BimBam, JChoice, and more, to bring you the most engaging and innovative Jewish educational content, including videos, text studies, blessings, and stories.

Grades K-2

Our K-2 curriculum contains 28 values-based lesson plans for each grade that include:

  • “Fun With Hebrew” – an introduction to a Hebrew letter and words
  • STEAM activities to explore 12 Jewish values and holidays

Students in kindergarten and first grade experience each lesson using the five senses. In second grade, students learn and emulate a Jewish author or artist whose work relates to the lesson. You can download samples:


Grades 3-7

In our curriculum for grades 3-7, each grade includes four lessons for each of the seven values. The 28 lessons use Jewish text, history, tefillah, and holidays in context to the explored value. You can download samples:

Highlights of our Judaic Curriculum