Looking for a Curriculum with Distance Learning Options?

ShalomLearning is an educational non-profit that provides an engaging, comprehensive curriculum, teacher training, and support to K-7 Jewish educators, students, and their families. We offer a ready-to-use values-based curriculum as well as two different Hebrew program options for learning to read and tefillot. Our materials are designed to be interactive and engaging in the traditional and/or the virtual classroom. As you prepare for the fall, share with us your concerns, needs, and vision, and let’s discuss how our flexible program and training can provide you and educators the support you need during these uncertain times.

In March/April 2020, ShalomLearning helped 38 new religious schools switch to the virtual classroom using our curriculum. How can we help you?

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Let’s partner to understand your vision and implement a dynamic program that blends the best of traditional and modern learning.

Program Features:

Comprehensive curricula with lesson plans, activities, and interactive resources

Outstanding professional development and on-going teacher, student, and staff support

Access to the My.ShalomLearning.org for curriculum materials and peer connections

Learning Hebrew

ShalomLearning offers two approaches design for grades 3-7 to teach decoding and tefillot. Both programs provide teachers with classroom materials and allow students to log in from anywhere to reinforce the learning, move ahead, or make up a missed class.

“When we saw ShalomLearning’s innovative model for blended learning, we wondered why we ever attempted to do it on our own.”

Rabbi Melissa Buyer-Whitman

(Temple Israel NYC)

Our Values-Based Curriculum

Our pluralistic, values-based curriculum empowers students to live meaningful Jewish lives by connecting lessons to real world scenarios. Through a multi-media approach, students understand how to apply Jewish learning to their daily life. For each grade (K-7), we provide:

28 lesson plans
An accompanying PowerPoint for each lesson
A sample parent email summarizing each lesson
All the resources (songs, videos, etc) needed for each lesson