The Power of Words:  How ShalomLearning Teaches Koach Hadibbur

April 2024

The way we speak has a profound impact on the world around us. This is the core message behind Shalom Learning’s upcoming unit on Koach Hadibbur כֹּחַ הַדִבּוּר ​​, which translates to “the power of words.” This unit overview webinar was designed to help understand the weight of our words and how to use them for good.

Grade 3-4 Learning Objectives 

Third graders explore how speech can be a powerful tool within their families. Activities focus on using language for positive purposes such as praying together, listening attentively, and offering help.

For fourth graders, the focus shifts to responsible communication and building a good reputation. Students delve into the importance of word choice and tone in shaping how others perceive them.

The session highlights the importance of inclusive language when discussing families. Participants will learn how to address the various family structures present in today’s classrooms. 

Grade 3-4 Activities to Spark Engagement

The Koach Hadibbur unit includes interactive activities to help students internalize the concepts, including: 

  • Grade 3: The Paint Challenge
    • Students use paint and cotton swabs to experience the difficulty of taking words back once they’ve been “said.” This kinesthetic exercise serves as a powerful metaphor for the lasting impact of our words.
  • Grade 4: Analyzing Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech
    • Students take a deep dive into Dr. King’s iconic speech. They’ll analyze his speaking style, tone, and overall message while reflecting on their feelings and reactions to the speech.
  • Grade 4: Creating a Word Cloud
    • Building on the emotions and ideas of the Dr. King exercise, students brainstorm words that capture the essence of the speech. These words will then be compiled to create a visual representation, or “word cloud.”

Grade 5-6 Learning Objectives 

For 5th and 6th graders, the Koach Hadibbur כֹּחַ הַדִבּוּר unit teaches responsible communication and using words for good.  In today’s digital age, where communication is often instantaneous and often impersonal, Koach Hadibbur כֹּחַ הַדִבּוּר offers a valuable lesson. 

By fostering mindful communication, this unit empowers students to become responsible speakers who can build positive relationships and strengthen their communities.

Grade 5-6 Interactive Activities 

Students truly understand the Power of Words when they are working with peers in engaging activities, including:  

  • Put Up, Put Down:  Students anonymously compliment classmates to personally feel the power of positive words 
  • Design a Logo:  Learners create visuals representing King Solomon’s sayings about speech. 
  • Advertising Agency: Students take on the role of an advertising agency, writing and presenting persuasive pitches about products.

Flexible Lesson Plans for Any Classroom

All ShalomLearning lessons include suggestions on how to adapt activities to fit different learning styles. We provide recommendations on how to leverage technology or alternative presentation formats based on your classroom setup. We also encourage students and educators to share the output of the various activities with families to keep them informed and engaged.

Ready to Learn More?

ShalomLearning partners can sign up for training on how to teach the Koach Hadibbur כֹּחַ הַדִבּוּר unit here. Not using our curriculum? Learn more about how our approach to teaching Jewish values makes lesson planning easier for educators and more engaging and relevant for students. Download a free sample lesson.

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