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ShalomLearning is a non-profit dedicated to using technology and the latest educational practices to cultivate a lifelong love of Jewish learning among Jews of all backgrounds and affiliations—from young learners to college students to adults.

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ShalomLearning offers Education Programs used by hundreds of students in partner synagogues across North America and by families around the world. Our program uses technology to make learning Hebrew and Judaics not only more flexible, but also more fun.

Learn more about our vibrant and affordable Jewish educational framework, which leverages the best of in-person, experiential, and online teaching methods.

What Clients Say

"We are a military family living overseas and struggling to provide Jewish education to our two children. We have tried to use the meager resources here and to provide Jewish lessons and culture in our home. It was not enough. ShalomLearning has been a fabulous asset in our quest to keep our son's (and someday, we hope, our daughter's) Jewish identity intact in a non-Jewish environment and to strengthen his understanding of Jewish values and history. "

- The Levy Family, ShalomLearning Online Military Family, Naples, Italy

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